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LRD 1455 (1 unit)

This 1 unit course applies the Balanced Literacy Model and Science of Reading principles in a 1:1 tutoring setting for reading. It covers instruction such as phonemic awareness, phonics, word-solving, comprehension, shared reading, guided reading, and a written retell. It also involves readings, tutoring, and lesson log documentation.

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LRD 1455 (1 unit)

15 hours
All levels
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18 students

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This 1 unit course emphasizes applying a Balanced Literacy Model with Science of Reading principles in a relaxed 1:1 tutoring setting for reading instruction. The course covers various teaching components, including phonemic awareness, phonetic instruction, word-solving strategies, comprehension techniques, shared reading, and guided reading, culminating in a written retell. It includes course readings, tutoring and lesson log documentation.

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