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SCI 1341 (3 units)

It is fairly accurate to say that by now, most science teachers have been to one of those staff trainings where you and your colleagues gathered together in an empty classroom and discussed what you noticed and wondered about the NGSS standards. What if instead of attending more of those purely for advancing your own knowledge, you completed a course and earned graduate-level units from a WASC-accredited university? If you have ANY interest in learning more about the NGSS in a way that advances your salary, this course is for you.

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SCI 1341 (3 units)

45 hours
All levels
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  • Google/Gmail account


  • All coursework available online
  • Self-paced
  • Created by educators FOR educators
  • Google Classroom makes coursework simple and easy to use

Target audiences

  • Elementary Teachers
  • Middle School Teachers
  • High School Science Teachers
  • Teachers who want to advance on the salary schedule
  • New Teachers
  • Teachers who want to learn more about the Next Generation Science Standards

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SHORT SUMMARY: This online, self-paced, 3 unit course provides K-12 educators like you with a comprehensive understanding of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and their transformative impact on science education. Participants in this course will also be given actual work time devoted to using what you learned in this course to improve your curriculum HOWEVER YOU DEEM BEST.

DETAILED SUMMARY: Participants can expect to obtain a much more thorough understanding of:

  • The history of U.S. science education
  • The rise of the movement for national standards
  • The changes in thinking regarding how students do science that lead to the creation of new standards
  • Which standards YOU are expected to teach in your classroom

You will be given ACTUAL work time where you get to create your OWN resources (based on your individual state’s adoption of the standards) that will best help you ensure you are following state guidelines for NGSS implementation.

How many years have teachers been BEGGING for work time instead of being mandated  to attend one-size-fits-all PD presentations by curriculum coaches even though we still need to plan for tomorrow? We are listening!!

Culminating in a focused analysis tailored to each individual participant’s curriculum and approach to science teaching, this course empowers educators to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their current classroom curriculum and make improvements that are immediately integrated in the classroom.

TRANSLATION: If you are a science teacher that needs units, this course is for you.

Attention! A personal google/gmail account is required to access all coursework via Google Classroom.

*Be sure to get school district course approval PRIOR to enrolling if taking courses for salary advancement.

The curriculum is empty
Hey there! My name is Jennica and I am a classroom educator with experience teaching a wide-range of science classes at the high school level. For more information about me please see the ABOUT section of our site.
Yes! Although this course is intended to be an introduction to the NGSS and its baseline document - A Framework for K-12 Science Education, this course comes with several freebie resources you can use immediately in your classroom.
Yes! The instructors at JIPD have a vast wealth of experience teaching to the NGSS at both the elementary and high school levels. They have attended webinars and professional development trainings, engaged (and continue to engage in) in high-level discussions about the NGSS in online teacher communities, taught using a variety of NGSS-aligned instructional materials, and have been leaders in their school's implementation of new curriculum aligned to the new standards.
The transition to teaching to these new standards is steep- and heavily involves asking your students to actively learn (which can be a struggle, at times). Lectures from the teacher and direct instruction are few and far in between when you are teaching a storyline, so this course is structured in a way that mimics this.