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HBM 1712 (2 units)

“When everything a student does is graded, and every mistake counts against her grade, that student can perceive that to receive a good grade she has to be perfect all of the time.” – Joe Feldman.

We have to stop teaching our students that mistakes are not allowed. How do we do this? We rethink and reimagine what grades mean. Dive into the newest educational trend, Standards Based Grading (SBG). Earn units as you make the transition in your classroom.

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HBM 1712 (2 units)

30 hours
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  • Google/Gmail account


  • All coursework available online
  • Self-paced
  • Created by teachers FOR teachers
  • Google Classroom makes coursework simple and easy to use

Target audiences

  • High School Teachers
  • Teachers that want to transition to SBG
  • Teachers in the early stages of transitioning to SBG
  • Teachers who want to advance on the salary schedule

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SHORT SUMMARY: This online, self-paced, 2 unit course titled “Standards Based Grading for High School Teachers” provides educators like you with a comprehensive understanding of one of the newest and hottest educational trends called Standards Based Grading (SBG). Upon completion of this course, you will be prepared to begin the school year with a completed syllabus outlining your policies AND you will have your first unit completely prepared for implementation the following school year. 

DETAILED SUMMARY: Throughout 30 hours of coursework, participants can expect to obtain a much more thorough understanding of:

  • The issues with traditional grading and how they are inequitable
  • The basics of how standards based grading works
  • How other educators across the country are implementing SBG

Aside from the knowledge you will acquire, you will be given ACTUAL work time where you get to create your OWN resources (based on your individual course subject, student population, and individual school policies) that will best help you create and enact a standards based grading plan that is personalized JUST FOR YOU.

Whether your administration is requiring you to make the transition to SBG OR you love SBG and plan to make the switch on your own accord, this course is for you. 

Culminating in the focused adaptation and preparation for SBG of a unit of your choice, this course empowers educators to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their current classroom curriculum and make improvements that are immediately integrated in the classroom.

TRANSLATION: If you are a high school teacher with any kind of relationship with SBG AND you need units, this course is for you.

Attention! A personal google/gmail account is required to access all coursework via Google Classroom.

*Be sure to get school district course approval PRIOR to enrolling if taking courses for salary advancement.

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Hey there! My name is Jennica and I am a classroom educator with experience teaching a wide-range of science classes at the high school level. For more information about me please see the ABOUT section of our site.
YES! Upon completion you will have a ready-made syllabus detailing your new policies AND a unit of your choice adapted for SBG with objective statements, assessments, and rubrics ready to go.
NO! If you already have experience with SBG, that just means this course will be even easier for you to complete. There are special options throughout the course for teachers that already have some experience. Example: one assignment asks you to design your SBG plan and upload your syllabus. If you already HAVE an SBG-aligned syllabus, you can simply upload it or you can choose to spend that time making improvements.