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HBM 1697 (1 unit)

Explore one of the BEST classroom management books out there with this book study series: Teach Like a Champion. Written by fellow teacher Doug Lemov, his collection of 63 immediately implementable teaching techniques will transform your approach to managing the classroom and provide you the necessary tools for cultivating a successful and supportive academic environment (no matter the grade level you teach!). Scroll down for more.

*Note that this is part 1 of a 6 course series. Although it is not required that you complete these courses in order, it is highly recommended you start with part 1 and end with part 6.

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HBM 1697 (1 unit)

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  • Google/Gmail account
  • Purchase of the book "Teach Like a Champion 3.0" by Doug Lemov


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  • Self-paced
  • Created by educators FOR educators
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Target audiences

  • Elementary Teachers
  • Middle School Teachers
  • High School Teachers
  • Teachers who want to advance on the salary schedule
  • New Teachers
  • Teachers who want to improve their classroom management

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What is covered in HBM1697 Teach Like a Champion 1?

In this first course in the series, you will explore the opening sections of the book Teach Like a Champion 3.0 by Doug Lemov as well as chapters 1, 2, and 3. You will first dive into the book’s core themes which are backed by research in the neuroscience of learning. You will then be introduced to his first 14 classroom management techniques involving the overarching themes of Lesson Preparation and Checking for Understanding. Some techniques he reviews involve concepts like planning for error, retrieval practice to improve student memory of content, creating a culture of error in your classroom, among others. 

Through hands-on learning at the end of the course, teachers will not only grasp these initial essential principles, but also apply them in their own classrooms.

Why do you recommend this book so highly?

Because all the salary advancement courses by Jump Into PD are created by real teachers, we understand the teacher life. This book dramatically helped out Jump into PD Cofounder Jennica Harrison when she was a new teacher. She still uses the techniques she learned from this book to this day- as we expect that you will, as well. Aside from the book being so helpful, the coursework we created around the book’s content is straightforward, no fluff, and offers highly valuable teacher professional learning. 

Still not convinced? Check out this post on the Teacher Subreddit…. Proof that other teachers love this book, too!

What is covered in the other Teach Like a Champion courses?

As you continue on to the other courses in this series, you will explore additional techniques coined by Lemov like cold calling, planning for error, no opt out, and other actionable methods to elevate your teaching skills far beyond what you thought was possible.

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